Saturday, 9 June 2007

Back on track

It's been four days since I did any exercise. Four days... A few months ago, that would have been pretty impressive (exercise once every four weeks would have been impressive!), but now it's just not enough.

On Wednesday, James the masseur came to work on a very tight ham-string (which is still feeling sore now), so I didn't think it wise to run then. Thursday, the day off, turned into a major housework day for the Rectory inhabitants - we did the grocery shopping, bought a couple of household items, cleaned the place, felt as though we'd achieved stuff together, but no gym and no running.

And on Friday, it was a great example of life getting in the way. Working from home is wonderful lots of the time - it gives the flexibility for doing everything off-peak, for a start - and if your body works better (as mine does) with mid-afternoon exercise than early morning (oh, I am so not a lark), it's great.

However, it's equally easy to just keep working to meet a deadline - late evenings, weekends or whatever - when you're your own boss. As a result, the websites I was working on took over, and another project which has been causing me major problems for some months now took a difficult turn (which I won't bore you with). Result: I didn't leave the house.

Finally, today: on went the trainers this afternoon, and down to Morton and back. Hard work, but reasonable speed (just under 10 minutes each way). After final tweaks to new website and other admin for most of the day, it was a relief to get out of the house. Very red in the face on my return, and that darn hamstring is still not comfortable, but I did it.

Given that one of my next ambitions is to run a continuous 3 miles at not much over a 10 minute mile, I need to build this up further. The last thing I need to do right now is lose sight of where I'm going. Where I am now is wonderful, and I can't express how glad I am to be here (ok, ok, anybody reading the previous post would say you've had a pretty good go at doing just that); but it's where I'm going that's important. That's why previous attempts at weight loss and fitness have failed: losing sight of goals. And that's why I'm happy to be back on track.

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