Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Running, facials and thunder

- all in one evening, although not all at once!

To Wymondham for a run with Kim. It had been a beautiful day, and when we set out it was very warm but lovely running round the town. Took a route that was probably a little under two miles, as we needed to get back, changed and out again quickly (see below), but I was glad to feel that the pace was comfortable, and that I was - as the Reebok site has it - "running easy". This is a good feeling.

A rapid wash, change and meal before going to a demonstration of Aloe Vera products in a beauty salon in the town. It's hard not to sound bigheaded (but you're used to that by now) when I say that I was thrilled to be pointed out by Kim, during more than one conversation she was having during the evening, as an example of a success story for personal training! Confidence in what I was wearing (pillar-box red skirt, stripy t-shirt & cardigan - yes, from East again) is a feeling that takes some getting used to, too. It's another world.

Whilst we were in the salon, the heavens had opened; and by the time we were back at her flat for a cup of tea before I went home, the storm had started in earnest. Happily, we both rather like thunderstorms, and sitting in her kitchen by candlelight, watching forked lightning on both sides of the house and listening to the torrential downpour, was a good place to be. Driving home up the A11 wasn't so much fun, though...

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