Friday, 29 June 2007

For the third time of asking...

... an intended gym session has been replaced by a run... but in a previous life, it would have been replaced by a big fat zero.

Yesterday was a long, bimbling walk - round the Royal Norfolk Show, which was great fun. Today, I had the whole day to get the house cleaned and ready to welcome a gang of visitors this weekend: my husband celebrates 25 years as a Church of England priest this Petertide (which deserves a medal, methinks), and we have a few friends from previous corners of his life coming to join in the service this Sunday. Plan was to schedule in a gym visit late afternoon before choir practice and then over the road to the pub for a Thai Night.

Oh, the best laid plans... Long conversations with business colleagues (relating to a rather difficult project with which I've been involved for ages) were very productive and encouraging, but wiped out a big lump of the day; and by the time I'd got the house back to a state that was at least hygienic, if not up to Kim & Aggie standards, I'd run out of time again...

... so it was back out on my usual two-mile route. As with the previous two occasions, however, I was glad to have achieved it on one hit, without a break; in twenty minutes; and now I can also state that the HR didn't go above 160 bpm, and for the majority of the run stayed around 150. Better still, I felt good when I got back - not as in smug (who said that?!) but as in physically comfortable and well. Who'd've believed it?

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