Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Three months' worth of distance run

Yesterday I mentioned this idea of incremental running, and I've just worked out what I've run so far. I've looked back at my records (I'm a sad soul, it's all captured in Excel spreadsheets...) and see that since my very first run - 24th March - I've run approximately 72 miles (if my assessment of the distance of each run is correct). That's about 14 weeks' running, so I'm doing an average of just over 5 miles each week - for a beginner, not bad.

72 miles also happens to be pretty much exactly the distance from my home in Norfolk down to the city of Cambridge. So I've just about arrived in time to get a Chelsea bun from Fitzbillies...

My next target, therefore, is to continue down the A11 to reach my parents' home in Walthamstow - a total of 112 miles from my home. I'll let you know when I get there!!

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