Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Somebody's on my side

A busy day at the desk, on the PC and in the house. Originally due to meet Kim for a PT session this evening, but she had a diary clash and had to cancel. "That's alright - I'll go on my own anyway", I said.

Suddenly it was after seven o'clock, and we hadn't thought about eating yet... and the weather was dreadful. Damn. I don't want to skip a session, but I just don't have time to spend two hours getting down to the gym and doing a workout - and I don't fancy running in a torrential downpour. A drizzle I can cope with, but this would be real masochism.

And suddenly, the rain stopped; the sun came out; the clouds were still there, but that fabulous effect where steel-grey clouds behind a sunny field look almost blue; and it was a glorious evening. On went the shoes, and two miles non-stop gave me my buzz for today.

(I didn't have the mobile or camera with me, but this shot out of my window just now gives a fair idea.)

For this relief, much thanks.

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