Saturday, 16 June 2007

Hats off

I just got back from an afternoon's garden party in Caister with the Norwich chapter of the Red Hats Society. You can read more about them, and their superb attitude to life, at their own blog here.

But the dress code is very specific. The ladies who have passed their 50th birthday must dress in purple with a red hat; those younger should wear lilac with a pink hat. (Actually, my outfit was in that sense back-to-front, but hey.) I was delighted to find this great Kaliko trouser-suit in the Oxfam charity shop in Magdalene Street in Norwich a few weeks ago, and it was perfect for the occasion.

I got Selwyn to take a photograph of me on my arrival home, before I got changed, and can't resist another bit of celebration (OK, boasting). That "before" photo, used full-length, makes a great contrast - don't you think?

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