Saturday, 31 March 2007

Another rough week: 11/03/2007

- but this was the week of my uncle's funeral. A very difficult time for all concerned, although as good as such things can be; I dearly love my cousins, his son and daughter, and all the various bits of the family that tie onto that side of the family tree, so it was great to see them - albeit not in ideal circumstances.

As a result, there wasn't much time for working out. I met up with Kim on Monday, but most of the week was spent dealing with work before travelling down to the Isle of Wight, from Norfolk, via Walthamstow - and back again - all in three days...

These things are the stuff of life, though, and I felt at least that where I'd have previously dug into the food and drink as comfort, I have other resources now.

Pete was a larger-than-life character, remembered with love by many. RIP.

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