Saturday, 31 March 2007

London again: 21/03/2007

Sunday saw me driving to London for the usual business trip, and wishing my mum a happy Mother's Day. I don't think she quite knew what to make of my news that I was going to enter a walk/jog/run - she's had a non-athletic daughter for forty-four years.

On Monday I was at Great Smith Street, Westminster, for a meeting with the group of computer trainers that I belong to (Digital Unite, who specialise in training the over-50s). Doing my usual walk to Walthamstow Central, I was finding that keeping my heartrate up to target (127 bpm) was becoming harder - as I'm getting fitter! So I decided - very cautiously - to add a bit of jogging...

... so, dressed in sharp suit (a sharp suit that I couldn't wear the last time I tried it on...) and heavy coat, carrying handbag and tote bag, I stuck in 50 paces of jogging. Then another 50. Then 100; then 150. All broken up with walking to bring the HR back down to around 127. However, the max HR doing that was about 150 - not too bad.

When I got out of the Underground (I hate that place!!) and into the fresh (?!) air of Victoria Street, I set off along the (I reckon, approximately) mile stretch to my destination*. Any time I had an open bit of pavement, and I wasn't going to send a commuter flying, I jogged - 50 paces, then 100 paces, then 150 paces...

... and I loved it!!

Good grief.

*OK, I've just checked it using Mapper (see health links) and it's actually 0.9 miles. I wasn't too far off. Oh, and what about the walk from the tube platform to get out of the station?...

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