Saturday, 31 March 2007

The decision: January 2007

It started with an episode of Inspector Morse.

We got back from a post-Christmas break with friends - as usual, an excuse for overeating and overdrinking, sending me back to the New Year resolutions that hadn't varied for more than twenty years. 167 lb (11-13), two stone to lose. During our first week at home after our holiday, somewhere around 19th January 2007, it was back to the gym as part of my usual good intentions.

I'd been plugging away on the exercise bike, headphones on, in order to watch one of the three screens showing different tv channels in front of me. Dear John Thaw was doing his usual wonderful job as Inspector Morse, and I got so caught up in the episode that I decided I needed to keep pedalling until it finished.

Having spent about 15 minutes longer on the bike than I usually did, I was hit by a revelation. I felt better. I'd got into the rhythm of exercise; my heart was going faster, but not painfully - it felt good. By keeping going at a moderate pace, rather than doing a shorter period but working harder ("no pain, no gain"?), somehow things seemed to have more effect.

This was important. And, before I let the moment pass, I went back to my note about the personal trainer that I'd found in the gym before Christmas. I phoned Kim before I lost my nerve, explained my situation, and booked to see her for a chat.

On Tuesday 23rd January, we met up, and my new life began.

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