Saturday, 31 March 2007

First PT session: 26/01/2007

I'd managed to lose a few pounds in the last ten days or so, but 164 lb (11-10) was enough to be going on with!

Kim did all the tests - BP, fat %, measurements, stamina, the lot. I'd been there before, of course, many times - but the important bit here was would this help me to stick with it? She's encouraging, friendly and cheerful, and I don't want to let her down (which is, at the moment, easier to deal with than not letting myself down).

bridgetWe plan my first set of targets and exercises in the gym; I've always avoided running, as a minor back injury a few years ago makes me cautious about such things, and any previous attempts at jogging have set the back off. However, the new Nautilus machine in the gym seems to do the trick - burns up calories without making my legs feel like they'll fall off. I don't want to feel like Bridget...

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