Saturday, 31 March 2007

A trip to London: 06/02/2007

An interesting variation on the exercise theme. I take a trip to London for several reasons:

  • business (redesigning a database for a client in Kensington)
  • business meeting (meet up with a couple of colleagues in the decluttering industry for supper in Knightsbridge - very upmarket!!)
  • family (staying with mum & dad)
  • friends (visiting several folks across Thursday and Friday)
  • wedding (Ellis & Claire finally get hitched in the City of London on Saturday)
This means, of course, no trips to the gym. However...
  • each time I go from my parents' house to Walthamstow Central station, I walk it (just over a mile)
  • walk from my client in Kensington down to Knightsbridge - which turns out to be more like two miles than one
  • take a long walk around the city of London looking for open shops on a Saturday in order to buy a new top to go with my new green suit!
The wedding was an absolute riot - enormous fun - and much to my delight, a few nice comments about weight loss...

Unfortunately, I didn't get to see the various friends, as I fell for a nasty stomach bug on the Thursday night and was laid up for 24 hours. What a pain. At least I was OK for the wedding.

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