Saturday, 31 March 2007

Going it alone: 31/01/2007

Living in the countryside is actually not that easy when it comes to exercise. There are no pavements to speak of, so you have to make sure that your newly-acquired healthy life isn't cut short by a mad driver (fortunately the drivers are nicer here than in South London), and whilst there's lots of lovely open green land, the farmers wouldn't be too happy if the walking enthusiast went tramping all over their new crops.

I identify a reasonable compromise: a walk from our house down to Morton Hall (and back, of course). The land belongs to our friend (and churchwarden at one of the churches in our benefice), Ann, so I'm sure she won't mind the rector's wife availing herself of the facilities... I take my pulse at various points along the way, and reckon I keep it at a fairly steady 120 bpm or so. Must get myself a heartrate monitor for this sort of thing.

It's a beautiful evening, and judging by the time it takes me to walk, I reckon it's a round trip of about two miles. I wonder if there's a bit of software or something that will help me to work out distances?

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