Saturday, 31 March 2007

Try an exercise class: 12/03/2006

As Kim was unavailable for a couple of days, she suggested I try a class at the gym. It was OK, but I have to admit that the constant music gets on my nerves! Incidentally, part of it involved using small hand weights; I automatically went for the 3kg weights that are part of my usual routine, but realised that this was a mistake when I saw that even the instructor only had 2kg... it was sheer bloody-mindedness that kept me using the heavier weight!!

I think I'm coming to understand what works for me, and it's either solitary exercise - with time to think and focus on myself and the rest of my world - or the fun companionship of training 1:1 with Kim, or walking with my husband. I've tried various classes in the past, from Rosemary Conley to other aerobic classes, and they've not really been to my taste. But now I think I'm finding some other possibilities...

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