Saturday, 31 March 2007

Looking after myself: 30/01/2007

Session with Kim, which I really enjoyed. Chatting whilst using the machines tests out if I'm doing the right level of CV. It also gives us the chance to have girly chats!

I have to say, it's an interesting reaction to the (perceived) reduced amount of effort I'm using. I was using the Nautilus, feeling as though I was putting in a reasonable amount of effort, but unlike previous occasions, I wasn't blowing a gasket to do so. Having been given a target heartrate of 124 bpm (my resting HR is surprisingly low, given how unfit I am, at 60 bpm), I feel as though I'm not working hard enough! This is cheating! No pain, no gain! Maybe there's just too much of the masochist in me... but it seems to be working. I already feel better.

Now I've got to start building in some more exercise. Can't imagine jogging or running, but what about walking?

The gym session was followed by a facial at the beauty treatment studio at Carrefour (they sent me a money-off voucher for my birthday, earlier this month). Either I'm taking the correct holistic approach to this, or it's a darn good excuse. Your call.

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