Saturday, 31 March 2007

Not such a good week: 04/03/2007

Not from the fitness point of view - that's been going fine - but this week's stress levels were in a league of their own.

Another visit to London. I was working with my client in High Street Kensington on the Tuesday and Wednesday, so got the train down to London on the Monday. Tuesday morning I was eating breakfast (my dad does a brilliant line in fresh fruit salad) before walking to the station, when I took a phone call to tell us that my mother's brother had died. As a Fleet Street man all his working life, with the attendant love of fags and drink, it was more of a surprise to us that he was still alive at the age of 77; but he was well loved, and his death, even after a long period of ill health, was still a shock. I made some phone calls to other members of the family, including my sister in Spain, and then went off to Kensington. Unfortunately, the shock really hit me when I was halfway there, so I was fit for nothing until the afternoon.

After the two days' work (and the usual walks, including one up the hill from Kensington to Campden Hill to see another client!) I made my way back to Norfolk on Wednesday night. My beautiful new PC had been delivered in my absence... and then I spent not just the next day, as I'd intended, but about the next four or five days getting everything transferred and working!! (Sometimes I really wish I didn't work with computers, I hate them so much...)

In amongst all this, I developed a nasty cold - which, after several weeks of feeling really good, hit rather harder than I think it otherwise would have done.

But, hey - by the end of the week (4th March) my weight is down to 156 lb - that's 11 lb in about six weeks. Brilliant!

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