Saturday, 31 March 2007

Socialising: 04/02/2007

A new year drinks party at Peter & Christine's on the other side of our village. My husband is slightly startled when I suggest we walk rather than taking the car, but he's happy to go along with it... we reckon it's about half a mile each way. When we see how many cars there are there, and hence how little parking there is available, we're glad we did!

Now, a buffet. Hmm. One of my greatest downfalls - picking away without thinking. Let's see... make a beeline for the crudites and the tomato-like dips; yes, I'll have a glass of wine, but how long can I make it last?

Hooray! Managed to avoid all but a few small number (honest) of little sausages etc., and stick to the dippy things; and my one glass of red wine not only lasted me all lunchtime, but I left half of it!! Good grief. And it wasn't oh, no, I'm on a diet, I mustn't but actually, this is really what I want to eat and drink. Amazing. Something earth-shattering is happening here.

Later in the day, I take myself down to the gym, and follow through the stretches, the CV and the weight routine that Kim has emailed me. Glad I didn't have more than half a glass of wine...

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