Saturday, 31 March 2007

A REVELATION: 14/03/2007

I walked on the Tuesday, and met with Kim on the Wednesday. She was delighted with progress, continuing descent of my BP (it had started at the high end of the safe zone, and is now down to well within normal limits) and my weight is now down to 154 lb - bang on 11 stone. That's nearly a stone gone.

I subscribe to the Rosemary Conley magazine (mostly for the recipes for low-fat food, which are excellent). My new copy had arrived recently, and there was an article in there about the Cancer Research Race for Life.

I read it, and looked up the website, and thought very hard.

Then I sent Kim an email:

Race for Life is at Norwich Showground on 5 & 6 May. I know that I can walk it; seven weeks off, I want to be able to jog it at least. I've never done anything like this before. Would you do it with me??

c xxx

Reply, almost immediately:

Blimey!!!! Yes yes yes!

We need to get in training.

Speak about it when we hook up next.

Kind regards as always, Kim

PS: you'd better purchase those trainers (New Balance) & a bazooka bra.

The deed is done. We're signed up to Race for Life on Sunday 6th May. And I've never been more excited.

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