Saturday, 31 March 2007

The poster: December 2006

I'd belonged to our local gym since we moved to Norfolk in April 2005, and had been going, as one does, in fits and starts ever since. In December 2006, during one of my "let's get this sorted", on-and-off keep-fit attempts, I'd been in the gym, and had taken a photo on my mobile of the poster advertising a personal trainer. I'd come to the conclusion that as I'd never managed to do this successfully on my own, I needed professional help. As a "declutterer" and computer trainer, I spend my professional life persuading people not to be ashamed of calling for help when they run out of inspiration, energy or motivation - so why should I be any different?

Of course, I didn't call Kim straight away - it was Christmas, after all - but I knew I had her details when I needed them...

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