Saturday, 31 March 2007

The First Run: 24/03/2007

Kim phoned me in the morning. "We're meeting at the gym this afternoon; but I think we ought to do our first run today." I looked out of the window. "Kim - it's filthy weather out there!" "Yes, I know - that's why I want to do it today. I don't want you being put off if the day of the Race for Life is like this! Just wrap up warm. I'll bring you a hat to wear." Right.

We met and warmed up in the gym, with a few minutes each on the bike and the rower, plus some stretches. Then we went outside.

The gym isn't in the most picturesque setting in Norfolk; it's part of the Longwater estate, which contains a huge (and very useful) Sainsbury's, a Staples, the Range, and a few other shops. Oh, and a Kentucky Fried Chicken opposite the gym - great planning!

However, it's not a bad place to start jogging: even pavements, plenty of space around the car parks, logical stopping points for walking or stretching, and a couple of small hills leading back up towards the roundabout.

I wore my new frog green top and hoodie; Kim pitched up in a luminous yellow top. With little beanie hats on, we looked a hysterical sight - two-thirds of a traffic light. The Saturday shoppers looked at us as though we were mad. The weather was pretty grey and damp, but at least it wasn't raining.

The route we took was about 0.9 miles, when Kim clocked it in her car. We went round it three times, with probably 1/3 to 1/2 jogging in short bursts. My HR went up to around 160 by the end of a long (i.e. 2 minutes!) jog, but recovered fast. The little hill felt like a mountain, but we managed it.

I jogged today for the first time...

and I loved it!

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