Saturday, 31 March 2007

Meet Zara: 25/02/2007

This has been an interesting week for Kim!

First, she's reviewed my targets; is delighted at my progress; slightly increased my target HR to 127, but also we're building in some increased intensity for short periods.

During some of our chats, I corpsed her completely by telling her about some of my un-rector's-wifely behaviour on stage in the past, and emailing her one of my favourite characters. Meet Zara, Queen of the Zonkers... I played Zara in an adult pantomime back in 1995 (yes, around the time that I married my clerical husband - he thought it was hilarious). I'm fond of this photo, partly because of the happy memories it brings back of some very silly pantomime performances, but also because the figure has improved since then... this is thunderthighs time!! As Kim emailed me back, "I'm now seeing you in a completely different light..." (wait till I show her the video!). She's been calling me Zara ever since.

Anyway, during this week, since our session on Monday I've managed two solo gym sessions (Wednesday and Saturday), plus a walk down to Morton Hall (in the dark, and with my dear husband in tow - we had a rehearsal down there for the scratch choir that's providing the music for our Good Friday service).

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